Multicultural Volunteer Application 

We rely heavily upon volunteers to help promote and implement the cultural events and programming that come out of our department. Volunteers choose the events they would like to help with. It’s a great opportunity for students to make new friends, learn about other cultures, experience event planning, and help the campus community develop a stronger appreciation of diversity.

Any amount of time that you able to contribute to volunteering makes a difference! Our events occur at varying times including daytime, evenings, and weekends. All volunteers receive t-shirts and are expected to wear those while volunteering. 

*Attendance at one of the 30 minute trainings is required.  Multicultural Volunteer Training will occur in September on dates TBA

Training will be facilitated Jonathan Gonzales (Sr. Coordinator for Multicultural Programs) at the Multicultural Office (Parking lot side of the Student Union). If you want to volunteer, but are unable to attend you can still be a volunteer! Accommodations can be made based on your schedule

Any questions can be directed to Jonathan Gonzales at 

* 1. First Name

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* 3. Student ID Number

* 4. Year:

* 5. Major

* 6. What do you enjoy doing? Check all that apply.

* 7. What special attributes would you offer as a multicultural volunteer? (eg: good at recruiting people, outgoing, great communicator, good at decorating, very energetic, physically strong, graphic design)

* 8. What is your preferred email address

* 9. What is your preferred phone number with area code?

* 10. What is the best way to reach you? (check all that apply)

* 11. Which would best describe you?