In honor of the 2022 World Voice Day theme, Lift Your Voice, we were inspired to create a new program, Speaking Beyond Your Voice: Creative Outlets for Self-Expression. Self-expression is about communicating your individuality – your story, your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. It is a basic and critical need. It helps others understand us. It highlights our personality, conveys our needs, and connects us with others. Take the voice away, and a person’s primary form of expression is also removed, but not the need to be heard. That is why art can provide a unique and alternate form of self-expression that can be even more important to those who have lost their voice due to a vocal disorder such as spasmodic dysphonia. Artistic expression communicates what words cannot. The creative process may also allow for greater understanding, self-reflection, and even healing.

This program is an opportunity for our community to showcase how they lift their voices and express themselves through creative outlets such as descriptive writing, art, poetry, song, dance, music, and storytelling. This is an on-going program and submissions will be shared online through both the website ( and social media channels. 

  • Acceptance of submissions is on a rolling basis. The National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association/Dysphonia International reserves the right to close submissions at any time.
  • You agree to have your submission showcased on, social media channels, and other methods of publication.
  • The organization reserves the right not to publish a submission if is deemed inappropriate.
  • You may only submit original work.
  • Every submission, including artwork, must have a title (even if it is “Untitled”).
  • Essays and poems can be no more than 2,000 words long. File format should be PDF or Microsoft Word.
  • All digital files for artwork must be 16 megabytes or smaller, have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, must be in PNG, JPEG or jpg format, and must be at least 800 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 800 pixels tall (if a vertical image) with high quality compression.
  • Photographs may be submitted of paintings, pottery, sculptures, etc. Do not send the actual digital files(s) to the organization.
  • For videos, please email and include a link to download the video.
  • A photo of author is optional. Any profile photo must have a minimum resolution of 150 dpi and the file format should be a jpg, JPEG or PNG file and must be at least 100 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 100 pixels tall (if a vertical image).
  • You must agree to the Terms of Use.