1. Introduction

Why we're doing this survey.

For many years, consumers have debated about the words we use to describe ourselves and our experience. There are many different opinions, and our preferred words often have valued personal meaning.

At VMIAC we’re committed to upholding choices, and we think it’s time to ask about your language preferences. We’re conducting this survey to find out what words you prefer us to use in our public communication and writing.
Please note: We recognise that the best language to describe ourselves is ‘people’, and the best language to describe our experiences is whatever each individual prefers. We uphold these ideals whenever possible. We also recognise that our preferences can vary depending on who we are speaking to, and the situation.

     Important information.
  • Who can complete this survey? Any person who has used mental health services in Victoria as a ‘consumer’, ‘survivor’ or similar.
  • Privacy. This survey is fully anonymous.
  • Consent: This survey is completely voluntary, and you do not have to take part. By completing this survey, you give us consent to use the information you provide in VMIAC publications (e.g., reports, position papers, academic journals, internet). Once you submit your survey you will not be able to withdraw your consent because your survey is anonymous.
  • What we will do with this information: We will get as many people as possible to complete the survey, and we’ll share the results. We won’t simply choose the words with the most votes. Instead, we’ll invite the consumer/survivor community to talk with us about how we can show the most possible respect for all of us—which may mean using several of the terms.

Question Title

* Please confirm you are eligible to complete this survey. Have you used/been admitted to a mental health service in Victoria as a patient/consumer/survivor?

20% of survey complete.