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Vitamin D deficiency in the UK is reaching epidemic proportions. It is thought to cost the UK taxpayer £29 billion annually – more than a quarter of the NHS budget.

BetterYou, together with the NHS, is working hard to achieve a better understanding of the vitamin D status within the UK. This questionnaire will only take a few minutes to complete, but will help us with our goals.

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The BetterYou team

* 1. Are you

* 2. Which age group do you fall into?

* 3. How much of your day is spent outdoors?

* 4. When you are outdoors how much of your body is exposed?

* 5. When you go in the sun, do you cover up, and/or seek shade?

* 6. What strength of suncream do you use -

  Below SPF15 Between SPF15 and SPF30 Between SPF30 and SPF50 SPF50+ I don't use suncream n/a
For yourself
For your children

* 7. If you do use suncreams, do you apply them before you go in the sun?

  Yes No n/a
For yourself
For your children

* 8. How much of the vitamin D do you think you need, comes from the sun?

* 9. Do you suffer with regular headaches and/or migraines

* 10. How many common viruses (colds, flu, stomach bugs) do you and your children catch each year?

  None Between 1-3 Between 3-5 More than 5 n/a
Your children

* 11. Have you ever been diagnosed with a bone disease such as osteoporosis or arthritis?

* 12. Do you suffer with aches and pains in your bones and joints?

* 13. When you were pregnant were you advised to take vitamin D by your healthcare professional?

* 14. Do you suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

* 15. Have you ever suffered with depression?

* 16. Do you have less energy and muscle strength than you think you should?

* 17. Do you have difficulties in sleeping?

* 18. Have you ever had a vitamin D test, either through your GP, or a self test?

* 19. If you have taken a vitamin D test, were your levels

* 20. Would you be interested in knowing your vitamin D levels?

* 21. Which of the following groups do you think the Department of Health consider 'at risk' for vitamin D deficiency (you can tick multiple answers)

* 22. If you take a vitamin D supplement or multivitamin, how much vitamin D is included?

  Less that 200iu Between 200-400iu Between 400-1000iu More than 1000iu I don't know I don't take vitamin D supplements n/a
For yourself
For your children