Before taking this quiz, please review the OneHome VI-SPDAT 101 Training module on the OneHome training site ( You are required to score at least a 13/15 on this quiz in order to be eligible to participate in conducting VI-SPDAT surveys for the OneHome system. 

* 1. What is your first and last name?

* 2. What agency and/or program do you work for?

* 3. What is your email address?

* 4. A 27-year-old client comes into your organization with her 52-year-old mother, 30-year-old brother, and 2-month old nephew. They have been sleeping in the family van for the last few months. What type of VISPDAT do you use?

* 5. What is the first thing you must have from the family in order to complete the VISPDAT?

* 6. A client comes in requiring assistance. Client has been staying with his friends, sleeping on couches for the last 6 months. Is this client literally homeless?

* 7. You complete a survey with a client. What do you do next?

* 8. A client can be chronically homeless without being literally homeless

* 9. Clients lose their literal homeless status when they go into an institution such as jail or a detox facility for more than 90 days

* 10. Veteran clients may only be assessed at the VA.

* 11. Same sex couples and multi-generation families are considered families under the HUD definitions as long as there is a child in the household under the age of 18.

* 12. Clients do not have to sign an ROI if they give you verbal consent.

* 13. What is the formula to create a UCI?

* 14. In three years, how many times must a person become homeless AND what is the minimum required total months of homelessness to be considered chronically homeless?

* 15. Which of the following is NOT considered literally homeless?

* 16. What is the 1 piece of information that must be on the ROI and the VISPDAT and must be entered into the system exactly as it is written on the paperwork or your client’s information gets lost in the abyss?

* 17. You should survey someone who is not literally homeless if they may become literally homeless soon.

* 18. It’s okay to out a client’s full name in an email as long I don’t include the social or date of birth