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* 5. Who would you like to meet at OTM?

* 6. What are you responsible in your organisation for?

* 7. What is your main reason for attending OTM?

* 8. If you are a buyer, what responsibility do you have for the purchase of travel product and services?

* 9. Which main geographical areas are you interested in doing business with?

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* 11. Are you visiting OTM with a view to potentially exhibiting next year?

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Visitors are not allowed to sell at the OTM, unless they have hired space and specifically registered as a seller.

Hoteliers are allowed to attend OTM during the general hours.

Visitor badges will not be granted to anyone whose principal purpose for attending OTM is selling, without renting a seller booth.

Any sales communication found or being distributed from outside seller booths may be confiscated.

A history of being registered at previous OTM events does not guarantee entry to a future event.

Rights of admission are reserved and are subject to above terms and conditions.