Vision Team Pulse Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Vision Team Pulse Survey. This is a more focused version of the previous Transforming Church Index (TCI). The survey will take you about 2-3 minutes to complete. Please do not labor over your choices for any one question. Usually your first response is the most accurate. Please be assured that your personal survey results will be kept completely confidential. If you anything is not applicable to you, please leave that question blank.

* 1. I love telling my friends about my church.

* 2. Visitors quickly experience what our church is all about.

* 3. Our leaders effectively mentor other people in leadership roles.

* 4. New information is effectively communicated to a large number of church members.

* 5. This church has helped me grow spiritually.

* 6. Our church strives to make a difference in people’s lives outside of our own church.

* 7. I have participated in an outreach event sponsored by this church within the last twelve months.

* 8. This church effectively meets the needs of its teenage youth.

* 9. Our church provides excellent Christian education for teenagers.

* 10. My understanding of faith has grown through our church’s educational programs.

* 11. I have friends at this church.

* 12. I have experienced the spirit working in our church.

Thank you for your feedback!

St. Andrew Vision Team