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Please help us serve you better by answering the following questions for each visa petition you file. (This questionnaire can be completed multiple times, so please bookmark this page)

The survey should take you only a few minutes to complete and your feedback is essential to improving the visa process, so we greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

* 1. Name of petition organization

* 2. Date(s) of Intended Employment/Engagement

* 3. Classification Sought

* 4. Has the artist(s) received prior visa approval?

* 5. Was Congressional assistance requested?

* 6. Beyond the usual costs of processing, did you incur additional costs?

* 7. Did you file for Regular, Expedite, or Premium Processing Service?

* 8. Which Service Center processed your petition?

* 9. On what date did you mail your petition to USCIS?

* 10. On what date was your petition received by USCIS?

* 11. On what date did you receive the I-797 Notice of Approval?

* 12. Did USCIS send a Request for Additional Evidence?

* 13. Were there any errors on the I-797?

* 14. Did you contact USCIS to resolve issues?

* 15. Please describe any aberrations in the processing of the visa, not described above.