* 2. Does your district operate a 7001 school? If your district does not operate a 7001 school, please answer Question 3.

* 3. Other virtual options provided in your district

* 4. Provider: Provide information for contracts with Approved Florida Providers Only (7001) If your district uses multiple providers, please submit information on seperate surveys using the same link!

* 5. Grade Level (check all that apply)

* 6. Program Areas to be served (check all that apply)

* 7. Base contract price per full-time student completion

* 8. For part-time programs, base contract price per course completion

* 9. Services provided in base contract price (check all that apply)

* 10. Additional costs for services not included in base contract price(s). Provide cost and Funding Basis (Course, Student, Teacher or Other)

* 11. Comments (Optional)

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