Welcome and Instructions for Nominations

The Vic/Tas Division AICM “Pinnacle” Awards recognise the leading performers in our industry throughout the year. The awards will be presented at the End of Year Awards dinner.

Please take this opportunity to nominate your team member, colleague, manager, team leader or service provider to recognise them for their outstanding efforts and achievements in 2016. Please use the space provided to present details that will allow the Vic/Tas Council to judge a suitable winner.

Nominations & Voting
1. The nominee must agree to be nominated for the award – prior to nomination - we will ask for the contact details of those nominated to confirm.
2. Nominations will be accepted via this survey or via direct email to aicm@aicm.com.au
3. Membership of the AICM is not a requirement to nominate, be nominated or vote.
4. A valid nomination must include the full name, title and contact details of the nominee, as well as a brief description / reason for the nomination. Any nomination not complying with these requirements may not be considered for an award.
5. Nominations will close on 4th November 2016.
6. Voting in each category will conclude 5pm 23rd November 2016.
7. Award winners will be announced on the night and must be present at the Awards Function to receive their award.

Award judging and criteria
Finalists will be voted upon by the Vic/Tas Council of the AICM. Finalist selections are at the absolute discretion of the Vic/Tas Council.
The winner in each category will be based on the number of votes received and judging of finalists nominations.

Guidance on nominations
The nomination details will be used to select the finalists, judging and public voting. We encourage you to include sufficient information to justify their nomination. Written in an easily digestible way for public voting. This could include their strengths, achievements, other awards and testimonials.

Lou Caldararo
Vic/Tas  President - AICM
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