Verified Course - SAIL - Annual Report

As a provider of a Verified Course in the SAIL Domain, you are asked to report annual participation data for that Course. Additionally, we would like to get your feedback on the Verified Course Program and your use of the Mark.

Please complete this report within 90 days of the close of any Calendar Year in which the Course held the Verified Mark.  

Thank you.

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* 2. RESPONDENT INFORMATION (required - contact for questions about survey responses)

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* 4. Summary Course Participation Data: In Question 5, you will upload a PDF copy of the Microsoft® Excel worksheet you completed on Course Participation Data for this Verified Course in the SAIL domain. In this Question, please enter just the GRAND TOTALS for the following (numerical data only):

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* 5. Detailed Course Participation Data (PDF copy)

PDF file types only.
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