* 1. From which box scheme do you buy?

* 3. Assuming that price, quality, selection, etc. are all equal, are you MORE LIKELY to buy from a box scheme that supports a social welfare programme (such as job creation or poverty alleviation) over one that does NOT have a clear social benefit?

* 4. How many people in TOTAL live in your household?

* 5. Does everyone in your household eat out of your veg box? If NOT, how many people in your household DO actually eat out of it?

* 6. Do you share your veg box with anyone who does not live in your household? If yes, about how much do you share and with whom?

  Neighbor Co-worker Household worker Friend or relative
Share about 25%
Share about 50%
Share about 75%

* 7. How long have you been buying from this veg box scheme?

* 8. Where did you first hear about this veg box scheme?

* 9. How much do you pay for this veg box each week?

* 10. Besides this veg box, about how much additional money do you spend on fruit and veg each WEEK?

* 11. About how much money does your household spend every MONTH on food groceries (including fruit, veg, meat, grains and dairy) ?

* 12. What is your household's total monthly income?

* 13. Where else do you shop for fruit and veg? Please choose the TWO PLACES where you shop most often.

* 14. What fruit and veg are you buying from the shop that's NOT in your veg box?

* 15. Please rate your agreement with the following

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree No Opinion
I am happy with the PRICE of my veg box
I am happy with the QUALITY of my veg box
I am happy with the AMOUNT of veg in my box
I am happy with the VARIETY of veg in my box

* 16. Buying ORGANIC fruits and vegetables is important to me

* 17. Which best describes your approach to buying organic?

* 18. I would consider paying more for my veg box if it had DIFFERENT KINDS OF VEG in it each week

* 19. I would consider paying more for my box if it had BETTER QUALITY veg in it each week

* 20. Hypothetically speaking, how much more might you be willing to pay for an IMPROVED veg box that better suits your preferences (i.e. different kinds of veg, larger quantity, better quality, etc) ?

* 21. Do you have any other recommendations for a BETTER VEG BOX or BETTER SERVICE in this scheme? We are very interested in your feedback, so please let us know what would make you a happier customer!

* 22. Are there any OTHER PRODUCTS that you would like to see if your veg box? ex: jam, bread, chutney, eggs, honey, oil, tea, etc.

* 23. Are you a home gardener? If so, do you use compost as fertilizer in your garden?

* 24. If you buy compost, what price do you pay?

* 25. If it were offered, would you be interested in buying compost alongside your veg box in a similar scheme?