Valuing natural capital

There is much anecdotal and scientific evidence that biodiverse vegetation mitigates risk and enhances productivity for farming enterprises through ecosystem services (eg. pollination, pest control, shade, shelter etc); however, there has been little translation of existing research and theoretical statements into commercial terms.  In the absence of demonstrable economic value of native vegetation to landholders, property valuers and banks tend to consider native vegetation and other natural features as having “zero productive value”.  To explicitly value on-farm financial benefits of native vegetation, datasets linking natural capital and financial data need to be collated and analysed.

The overarching goal of this project is to develop credible metrics and standards that allow the private, on-farm economic benefits from native vegetation and other environmental works on farms (enhanced natural capital) to be realized.

This research project provides an opportunity to improve decision making regarding the integration of native vegetation into farming enterprise in a way which will be beneficial for landholders, financial institutions and land management planners and practitioners.  The short-term aim is to provide better data on the costs and benefits of native vegetation which can inform on-farm design and integration. Over the medium to long term, the aim is to deliver clearly defined values that will support landholders, property valuers, banks and other financial institutions to incorporate ‘natural capital’ into their valuation and decision making processes.

Participation in the research is voluntary. 

How will my information be stored and used?
This research project is being administered by Greening Australia and supported by National Australia Bank.  The results of this study will be used to inform future decision making and will contribute to ongoing research being undertaken by Greening Australia.  A report will be made available by Greening Australia.  Research findings may also be published in academic journals, books or in other formats.

No personal data will be stored with survey raw data.  Electronic copies of survey responses and any identifying information will be stored separately by Greening Australia. Data access will be restricted to the immediate members of Greening Australia project team and only aggregated results will be shared with NAB, not individual data. Data will be retained for seven (7) years.  After this time, it will be destroyed.

Are there any risks if I participate?
 We are interested in hearing your professional judgement, and you are not expected to speak on behalf of your employer or organisation or any other party.

What does the survey include?
There are 6 sections to complete: Property description, lamb, ewe and external survival factors, shade and shelter, farm profitability and cost benefit of shade shelter establishment.   Please provide 2019 information where available.    This survey will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. The final submission date is Friday 8 November 2019.