When should the City of Virginia have Fireworks?

The City of Virginia sponsors the fireworks displayed on the Fourth of July on the shores of SIlver Lake.
Recently, the City has been requested to move the date of the fireworks display from July 4th to the Land of the Loon weekend (3rd Saturday in June).
Please complete the survey below to provide your feedback about the City sponsored Fireworks display.

* 1. If the City only had enough funds for one Fireworks Display per year, which day would you prefer that it was held?

* 2. Would you be willing to donate money to a fund in order for the City to conduct more than one fireworks display in a year?

* 3. Would you attend a fundraiser in order to provide Fireworks?

* 4. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about the Fireworks display in Virginia? 
(Please, only constructive suggestions only)