V5 Pre-Alpha Rules 

Please answer the following questions about the V5 pre-alpha rules. Please use only the rules as the basis for your answers. (We will ask you about the V5 playtest scenario in later questions.) 

* 1. Was it difficult or easy to learn V5 pre-alpha rules?

* 2. Did you feel the V5 pre-alpha rules played slow or fast?

* 3. Did you feel the basic resolution system (d10 pool, 6+ = Success) was simple or complex?

* 4. Were the hunger dice and hunger rules fun to play?

* 5. Did your character experience Compulsions too seldom or too often?

* 6. Did you feel the Compulsions effects were fun to play?

* 7. How much did this V5 playtest game feel like Vampire: the Masquerade (VTM)?

* 8. Would you enjoy playing more V5 tabletop scenarios?