Join our User Experience Research Panel! :)

As part of Hobsons' overarching commitment to facilitating your success we are creating a "User Experience Research Panel". That is, a panel of Hobsons product users who access our systems daily or require access to our products in order to meet their own internal goals and mandates.

Periodically, this Panel will be asked to participate in research activities such as one-on-one interviews and usability tests in order to ensure that your feedback is incorporated into our offerings. Our goal is to make our products as useful and easy to use they can be!

This panel requires as wide a range of Hobsons product users as possible. Users who need access to Hobsons products as part of their job - e.g. decision makers (and not), new users, experienced users, IT/Support folks, assistants, front desk and student staff, counselors, advisors, faculty, analysts, managers, administrators, etc.

As always we will be cognizant of your time and all of your feedback will be strictly confidential. Participation will likely be no more than 1-4 hours spread out over each quarter, and participants are free to opt out of the User Experience Research Panel at any time.

Please pass this form along to anyone you think would also be a good candidate for this Panel.

If you have any questions please contact us at

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