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Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12)
Federal Agenda Submission Deadline: FRIDAY OCTOBER 29, 2010

Thank you for utilizing our electronic form to submit your request for:
1.) a FY12 congressionally directed appropriation (earmark)
2.) FY12 agency/program/issue advocacy.
You can find descriptions of each type of request below.
If you have any questions, or would like additional guidance, feel free to contact the Office of Federal Relations at (202) 624-1420.


Projects submitted through the CDA process seek federal funding directly to the University of Washington for needs (e.g. research, student services) that can’t be addressed by an existing competitive grant program. UW can only advance a limited number of requests in this process. As a result, not all of the projects submitted will be included in the final FY12 UW Federal Agenda.

Characteristics of a good request include:
A.) Project has a federal nexus/responsibility
B.) Federal funding need is short-term
C.) Non-infrastructure (bricks and mortar projects are not generally supported through earmarks), with few exceptions for health-related facilities
D.) Strong partnerships (e.g. industry, academia)/leverages additional support
E.) Area not supported by existing competitive grant opportunities
F.) Aligned with top national/Washington congressional delegation priorities
G.) Addresses areas of significant importance to UW
H.) History of earmark support for type of project
I.) Concise (1-2 pages), well written briefing paper
J.) Letters of support from external stakeholders


Requests submitted through the API process seek advocacy for increased funding for a federal agency or program that is particularly significant to the UW. Additionally, this process can be utilized to request support for a regulatory or other policy change at the federal level. These requests highlight the impact on the UW from the suggested funding increase or policy change.

Please complete a separate form for each request that you wish to submit. Form questions requiring an answer are indicated with an asterisk (*). Supplemental materials should be e-mailed to by October 29th.

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