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Welcome to the Utah Diabetes Telehealth Program! The following pre-test will take a few minutes to complete. Your responses will be kept confidential, help improve these trainings, and allow us to provide you with a FREE certificate of your participation in this continuing education program, if requested. Please, fill out the post-test at the completion of this program (required for continuing education units). For more information, visit http://health.utah.gov/diabetes/telehealth/telehealth.html

* 1. Which of the following diet strategies does NOT help prevent kidney disease?

* 2. What stage of kidney disease is associated with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of 30-59 ml/min?

* 3. When is a potassium restriction more likely?

* 4. What type of dialysis is more likely to contribute to elevated blood glucose?

* 5. Side effects of transplant medications make it important to follow which of the following types of diet?

* 6. How would you rate your ability to do each of the following?

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
Help patients with diabetes prevent kidney failure.
Write and teach correct diet therapy in each of the 5 stages of kidney disease.

* 7. Identification number to match pre- and post-test results. Results will be kept confidential.