* 1. If applicable, rate the U.S. Cluster Mapping website demonstration you received on the following:

  Excellent Good Not very good Poor
Demo of the website data and function
Opportunity to ask questions/give feedback

* 2. What types of information are you seeking on the U.S. Cluster Mapping website? (check all that apply)

* 3. The website includes the functionality listed below. How important is each function for your work?

  Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important
Registering your organization on the site
Searching by keyword/cluster/region/zip code
Downloading maps, charts, and their underlying data
Creating custom regions based on counties

* 4. Will you use the website’s data and tools to do the following?

  Yes No
Inform your organization’s planning/programs
Inform a cluster initiative
Develop materials for policymakers
Promote your region
Academic research on your region’s clusters
Identify peers in other regions for learning/networking

* 5. What are three things you found most valuable about the website?

* 6. What are three things you would like to see improved or added on the website?

* 7. What functions or templates, such as a customized pre-formatted state or regional profile template, would you recommend be added to the site?

* 8. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions below (optional):

* 9. What kind of organization do you work for?

* 10. Your name (optional):