Dear MEDIA rep and/or Freelance Photographer...
We gladly welcome the Press to the infield of any USA BMX national event. Working Media is always highest priiority. This form has been created to gather information needed for each photographer and videographer who requests a green MEDIA vest from USA BMX.
We will require a deposit (a Driver's License or Credit Card can be left) to pick up a Vest - which will be returned to you when you bring it back. All MEDIA vests must be returned each night, and worn whenever you are in the infield.

Thanks you for taking the time to provide us with your information. See ya at the races!

IMPORTANT: Media Vests are to be worn in the infield AT ALL TIMES.
How To (and How Not To) wear a USA BMX media vest.
Please take note and follow the fine example of Jason McGuire [far right].

Please provide us the following basic Info

* 2. What medium will you be using to cover this USA BMX event?

* 3. Please let USA BMX know where you will use the photos/video that you will be taking at our event:

* 4. EVENT: Please check which USA BMX National event(s) you are applying for - to acquire infield access and a green MEDIA vest.

NOTE: This is for request(s) only, and does not automatically confirm that you will have access at every event. **This does not include the UCi Supercross or USA Cycling National Championships in Tennessee. If you want credentials for those events, please contact GSX, UCi or USA Cycling.

* 5. Will you be selling the images you take at any USA BMX event - whether to the public, or to another source?


Guidelines for QUAD COPTER / DRONES at our Events:
USA BMX is currently in the process of writing up our guidelines for QuadCopters & Drones used for taking photos and videos. At this time, we do require the following:

Open bladed copters/drones need to fly at a further/higher distance - minimum 25' buffer (from the track surface) and will only be allowed to fly in a designated area to the side of the track. Copter must maintain a safe distance from riders and spectators. Take-off and landing area to be designated in a safe area, off to the side of the track.

Enclosed-blade copters or drones will be allowed to fly at lower altitudes and can take-off and land in the infield of the track - IF space allows.

QuadCopters/Drones will NOT be permitted at any Indoor events.

USA BMX will request a copy of all photos/videos shot by QuadCopters or Drones at our events - to be used for future promotional materials and possible use in PULL magazine.

* 6. If you are operating a QuadCopter or Drone to get race footage - how many HOURS of fly-time do you have?

* 7. Will you be selling the images you take at any USA BMX event - whether to the public, or to another source?

* 8. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Remember: Filling out this form does NOT guarantee you a USA BMX Media Vest at your selected event(s). A limited number of vests are available and are given out based on a levels of priority. Outside Media, Local News and major BMX publications will get highest priority.

We will notify you closer to the race as to whether or not you have qualified for a green MEDIA vest.
** If you have not heard from us 2 or 3 days prior to an event, please E-mail for confirmation.