URLA 2019 Tree and Shrub Program

The Upper Rideau Lake Association (URLA)is a non-profit volunteer organization of seasonal and permanent residents, holiday lake users, and residents of the village of Westport, interested in promoting and protecting the natural environment of the Upper Rideau. The Association is a strong voice to its members in regional bodies governing the lake and participates with other lake associations in projects and alliances.

Through the support of Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, we are pleased to provide low-cost trees saplings for you to help naturalize your lakeshore property as well as FREE bareroot seedlings.

Help protect our lake
By planting more trees and shrubs near your lakeshore you are helping to create a more naturalized shoreline to trap runoff more effectively, acting as a buffer to absorb contaminants from runoff, keeping the lake cleaner, reducing algae and weed growth. Additional vegetation also reduces erosion and provides better overall habitat for may fish species.


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* 5. If you are not already a member of URLA, are you interested in becoming a member? The cost is $40 for a 1-year membership.

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* 6. Please indicate your preferred method of payment (if ordering potted trees.)

Thank you for your interest in the URLA Potted Tree / Shrub and Bareroot seedling programs. We will contact you by email or phone to confirm your order and amount due, if applicable.

If you have any questions or comments please email us. lakeshore.urla@gmail.com