The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is making investments to improve the sewer system and we want to hear from the public. The Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP) is a collection of projects needed to keep the system working well into the future. Over the next several years, the SFPUC will carefully evaluate the sewer collection system, using a watershed based approach, to understand challenges and possible project solutions. The SFPUC team will be gathering information from the public to better understand stormwater and sewer issues in each of San Francisco’s watersheds (e.g. neighborhoods). We want to know what happens on your block, around your neighborhood or place of business. This information will help us make better decisions about how to improve the sewer system while we strive to make the city and its neighborhoods safer and environmentally sustainable.

Instructions: Please answer the below questions based on your experience in your area of residence or place of business. If possible, please provide specific addresses or cross streets where relevant.

* Please provide the following information (optional)

* Do you pay a San Francisco Water, Power and Sewer bill?

* Are there any locations in your neighborhood where you have experienced stormwater or sewer related challenges such as water ponding or pooling during or after a heavy storm or smelled sewer odors?
Please provide general location, cross streets and/or address.

* Are there areas in your neighborhood where you would like to see streetscape improvements (i.e. more trees, vegetation, etc.)?

* Are there any areas in your neighborhood you consider unique or special and prefer not to be changed? (a park or green space, sports fields, etc.)

* Is there additional information you would like to tell us about your neighborhood to help us better serve you around our sewer work? (i.e. desired parking, green space, problems with the sewer, etc.)