2018 U.o.D. Board Application

Please complete each of the following questions in about 100 words or less. You will also need to submit a brief Bio of yourself, your background and experience in 300 words or less. Please submit your bio and a recent picture with your application. To qualify for the UOD Board of Directors you must have been an Active Member for a minimum of one year preceding the election. Active Members are those who have taken a basic Unity Membership Class and been presented and accepted for membership by the Board of Directors and the Unity of Dallas congregation. Applications will be accepted until March 4th.
Any Questions or Comments can be emailed to the Nominating Committee Chair Marcia Mead at: mmead59@gmail.com.

* 1. How long have you been an Active Member of Unity of Dallas?

* 2. What year did you become an Active Member?

* 3. How long have you attended Unity of Dallas? Have you attended any other Unity Churches, if so where?

* 4. What attracted you to the Unity movement and to Unity of Dallas in particular?

* 5. How often do you attend services at Unity of Dallas?

* 6. List the areas of the church in which you have served as a volunteer and in what capacity.

* 7. Please describe the most rewarding volunteer ministry that you have served here at UOD and describe why you found it to be the most rewarding.

* 8. Please list any other community service and outreach volunteer activities that you participate in outside of the church and describe why you find these service opportunities to be personally rewarding to you.

* 9. What special and or unique qualifications, strengths and areas of expertise would you bring to the UOD Board of Directors?

* 10. Explain how you would like to use these talents for the betterment of UOD.

* 11. What areas would you describe as challenges for you and opportunities that you would embrace for spiritual, personal and professional growth?

* 12. Please share your vision for the future of Unity of Dallas.

* 13. Why do you feel led to serve on the Unity of Dallas Board of Directors?

* 14. What is your definition and philosophy of "tithing" to support the church community? Do you currently consistently contribute/tithe to financially support Unity of Dallas?

* 15. Describe your daily spiritual practices and explain how these practices help to bring strength to your life and to the community of Unity of Dallas.

* 16. Could you commit to attend ALL of the following as a board member of UOD?
-Monthly Board meeting - 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm
(dinner served)
• Special board meetings as needed
• Annual 1 day weekend training or retreat
• Sunday services
• Special events and activities
• Meetings of committees that you might represent as a Board member
• A class at the church at least once a year

* 17. If elected to the UOD Board of Directors, would you agree to and sign the Code of Conduct, Ethics and Confidentiality as set forth and approved by the By-Laws of UOD?