We are looking for 50 good people initially to help with the Unseen network.

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Unseen is launching a new network that enables community members to donate their unused Internet bandwidth and help with anti-blocking, distributed digital wallets and more.

Those who will benefit directly include people who live behind country-wide censorship firewalls and innovative app developers who want to provide new ways of protecting personal digital freedom and privacy.

Unseen is looking for fifty members of the community who have the right network configuration who will generously donate their excess Internet bandwidth and help with this project.

Those members who qualify will receive an Unseen Edge Server and Router to set up on their network. The Edge server and router will provide the following features*:

- anti-blocking
- personal firewall
- content distribution into countries with censorship firewalls
- and a preview release of the new Safe Cash wallet, a distributed e-wallet for secure direct peer-based exchange that you control.

*Some features will be available via automatic download after the Edge server and router is shipped to you.

We understand that many community members may have the generous desire to participate but may lack the technical know-how to work with us on this first phase. We hope to eventually provide an Unseen Router for you, too!

Completing this survey should only take 5-10 minutes.

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