Survey on institutional use of Facebook

This survey is used to collect information on institution use of Facebook by universities. The purpose of the survey is described at It builds on a recent survey of institution use of Facebook by the 20 Russell Group universities (see and aims to provide a more comprehensive understanding of how institutions are using Facebook.

The survey consists of three sections: section 1 covers the role of institutional Facebook pages; section 2 covers metrics and section 3 gives you the opportunity to provides your hopes and concerns for institutional use of Facebook.

* 1. Please give the name of your institution (please use the official name)

* 2. About the institution

* 3. Please give the URL for your official institutional Facebook page

* 4. Who is the primary target audience of your University’s main Facebook page?

* 5. Who are the secondary target audiences of your University’s main Facebook page?

* 6. Approximately how many College, Faculty, School or Department Facebook pages are active within your institution?

* 7. Describe any co-ordination activities between these pages in terms of guidelines for staff involved in managing them or monitoring of activity? If so, what tools are used for this purpose?

* 8. Have you developed any apps for any of your Facebook pages? If so, for what purpose and how successful have they been?