Hello and welcome!

The Future Horizons strategy project is part of the process by which Uniting in NSW & the ACT is seeking to determine, in light of God’s Mission, what and where our work should be into the future.

There is more information about the project available at  Please don't hesitate to contact the project team if you have any other questions or feedback (see the web page above or email

We're seeking high-level input from Uniting Church members and stakeholders.  Our focus here is "aspirational" - questions relate to purpose and vision.
  • This is not intended to be a rigorous survey and should take about 15 minutes, depending on the number and length of your text responses to some questions.
  • Your responses are anonymous; results will not be reported for any groups of fewer than five people.
  • There are some questions that will ask you to make choices in your responses.  The questions are imperfect - choices may not be mutually exclusive and options may overlap.
  • We ask you to provide the answers that best reflect your overall sentiments.
  • There are also some opportunities to type text responses.  Please remember these answers may be shared with others.
  • If you need to you can partially complete the survey, and come back to it later using the same link above.
We thank you for your participation in this discernment process with us.

Peter Worland
Executive Director, Uniting

Rev Jane Fry
General Secretary
Uniting Church NSW.ACT
17% of survey complete.