1. Quantitative Survey Questionnaire

Dear Madam/Sir, you have been selected as an example of an innovative company to be involved in a research project of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which is focused on the motivations and goals of men and women small business owners, the reasons explaining their challenges and successes, how they approached issues related to creativity and innovation, and what suggestions they have on how entrepreneurship and innovation can be encouraged. Please note that for innovation, we mean here not only what is found in products and processes. We also include innovative practices in organizational behavior and in marketing. We refer to any method or product that is new to the firm itself (not necessarily to the rest of the world).

Thank you for taking your some time to fill in this questionnaire. Your contribution will play a crucial part in the success of this project. All the information given in this survey will be processed anonymously and will be used solely for the research purpose stated above.