The United Church Year Book has been published annually since 1926.
As we plan for future editions, we’d like to hear from our readers.
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Vol. I, Statistics
Annual statistical summaries (pp. 4-18)
National and Conference totals (pp. 20-21)
Conference and Presbytery totals (pp. 22-27)
Pastoral charge statistics (pp. 28-151)
Pastoral charge mailing addresses (pp. 152-186)
Vol. II, Reports and Directory
Part I – General directories of staff and officers (pp. 7-36)
Part II – Institutions and specialized ministries (pp. 37-62)
Part III – In memoriam (pp. 63-65)
Part IV – Annual reports (pp.66-106)
Part V – Pastoral charges/ministers by presbytery (pp. 107-211)
Part VI – Alphabetical lists (presbyteries, pastoral charges, ministry personnel, overseas personnel) (pp. 212-316)

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