Welcome to our AGM attendance page

UNISON CSH branch will be doing something different with regards its AGM(s) for 2020.  To some degree we have gone from the extravagant to the more mundane, but we're hoping that, having taken into account members feedback, the revised format will be more appealing and thus there will be higher attendance.

To that end we have introduced aggregated AGMs this year, which essentially means that we have more than one AGM covering the same agenda, which we then combine together.  The first of these will be on Monday 9th March 2020 at the PRH site, between 12pm and 2pm in the St Francis Social Club, and the second will be Friday 13th March 2020 at the RSCH, between 5pm and 7pm in the Sussex House boardroom.

We have gone for the more low key approach, more akin to a lunch and learn format, close to where people work and at more convenient times, while retaining the promotional giveaways, the free prize draw , interesting guest speakers, and, perhaps most importantly, plenty of lovely food.  After all, business and learning can not be conducted on an empty stomach.

The running order for both events will be free food served at the start of the meeting (12pm and 5pm respectively) with the AGM conducted whilst we're all sampling the culinary delights over the course of the first hour.  Following the formal business of the AGM (which we hope to keep to a minimum, although the branch secretary does have a tendency to ramble a little) we will provide educational opportunities in the form of our guest speakers - at the PRH event we have the pleasure of White Ribbon UK President Chris Green OBE giving us an opportunity to discuss the scourge of domestic abuse, whilst at the RSCH on the Friday evening Adrian Ryan, Projects Officer at unionlearn, will show us how we can develop our skills or refresh our knowledge via TUC life long learning opportunities.

And if none of that appeals to you just come along for the opportunity to win in our free prize draw some whizzy technological gadget that we haven't quite decided on yet but will be in the vein of an Amazon Echo or similar (if you haven't experienced the delights of forming a friendship with Alexa it does come highly recommended).

If we could just ask that you complete this attendance form so we can make sure catering arrangements are suitable.