2017 Enron Teaching Excellence Award

Dear UHV Student,

The UHV Teaching Excellence Award Committee requests your assistance in identifying the annual Teaching Excellence Award winner for 2017. The Enron Teaching Excellence Award is given to one UHV faculty member each year in recognition of their excellent teaching. Only students may nominate a faculty member for this prestigious award. Hence, your input is critical to this important process.

You, as a student, may nominate only ONE of your professors for this honor. Multiple nominations submitted by the same student will not be accepted. You will also need to provide your personal information (name, address, phone number and email address) on the nomination form. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

Please select your nominee from the provided list of eligible faculty. Only full-time faculty are eligible to be nominated. Administrators, recent award recipients, visiting faculty and adjunct/part-time faculty are not eligible and so do not appear in the provided list.

The deadline for the nomination process is 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 2, 2017.

Please help our committee recognize faculty excellence in teaching for the UHV community.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Faculty Awards Committee