Storm Water Survey

We, the University City Storm Water Task Force, want and need your input. Our challenge is to better understand the extent and nature of storm water drainage issues in our community. Below is a brief survey to get us started. Your input is essential to understanding where and what type of storm water issue(s) you may have.

* 1. Do excessive puddles or standing water develop on/or near your property
after storms?

* 2. IN your yard, do flash flooding or intense high-speed gushes of water, occur after a rainstorm?

* 3. After a storm, does your basement flood?

* 4. Does water rise and overflow onto or nearby your property from a river or stream after a storm?

* 5. Near your house, is the soil or ground around a creek bank washed away or eroded after a storm?

* 6. Do excessive puddles or standing water develop in the street(s) near your property after a storm?

* 7. Do nearby streets flood after a storm?

* 8. If water has entered your home, please circle the best description of the

* 9. Have you ever reported storm water problems to (check all that apply)

* 10. Please Include contact Information