The City of Upper Arlington asks that you take approximately five minutes to help us gauge how we're doing in communicating with residents. There are many ways that the City disseminates information, whether it's through ThisWeek News, a flyer posted in public areas, UA Alerts, our quarterly newsletter, or others--which of these are most important to you? Are you happy with the quality, frequency, and subject of City information? Help us understand how you best communicate with your City.

Please respond by Friday, January 17.

* 1. In what modes do you receive City communications? Please mark all that apply.

* 2. How do you prefer to receive City info?

* 3. If you register for Activity Guide classes, do you do so in person, via the mail-in form, or online? Please mark all that apply.

* 4. Many City publications are mailed directly to residents, such as the City Insight (now UA Insight) newsletter and Activity Guide catalog. Of those publications that you receive in print, do you look at them online as well?

* 5. Would you be interested in a monthly e-newsletter that would provide similar information similar to that in the City Insight (now UA Insight) newsletter?