The Texas Water Action Collaborative (TxWAC) matches companies and funders with conservation projects to positively benefit Texas’ water resources. We are NOW ACCEPTING survey submissions for ANY RIVER BASIN in Texas. 

If you have projects, programs, or initiatives that need funding and can articulate the project's benefits to water and the surrounding community, please complete the below survey
- please complete a separate survey submission for each project, program, and/or initiative.

You can also download this survey to fill out in Google Sheets or Excel format = please email the completed survey to programs@texanbynature.org. 

For ongoing programs that are highly scalable and customizable depending on location/budget/funder capability, please contact us at programs@texanbynature.org to discuss how best to characterize before submitting this survey. 

Once you complete the survey, Texan by Nature will score your submission and will work with you to create a one-pager overview for your project/program on a Google doc. If your project/program aligns with participating companies' goals, it will be included in project matching proposals that are sent out on a quarterly basis. 

Through TxWAC you will gain exposure to many organizations from the conservation and business space across Texas and they will gain awareness about your work! Please note that completing the TxWAC survey does not guarantee funding. If a company is interested in learning more about your project and/or funding your project, Texan by Nature will reach out to you for questions, set up a meeting, and/or make an email introduction. Texan by Nature’s role is to facilitate the project matching process so we can accelerate funding and conservation efforts. If a company does choose to fund your project through TxWAC, there will be a suggested transaction fee. 

2024 Survey Deadlines:

Round 1
February 23 - conservation project funding requests due
March 15 - corporate proposal distribution

Round 2
May 24 - conservation project funding requests due
June 14 - corporate proposal distribution

Round 3
September 17 - conservation project funding requests due
October 8 - corporate proposal distribution

For projects already submitted to TxWAC, please look through this Full Project List, click on your individual project summary, and incorporate any updates via track changes or send edits via email to urvi@texanbynature.org.

As you update/submit projects, keep the following tips in mind:

Numbers talk
: Quantify benefits as much as possible. For example, gallons of water conserved/generated, miles of waterway improved, acres of land impacted, and population served.

Keep it simple
: Equate funding to benefits. Where the total funding request is large, break it down. For example, “A $100,000 investment would generate 5 million gallons per year” or “A $100,000 investment would conserve 3 million gallons of water per year”.

People matter
: Where possible,