Two Harbors Community Radio, a nonprofit formed by local citizens, is developing a low power FM radio station for our area. Transmitting from Two Harbors, it would serve an area from 3.5 up to 10 miles radius (from Castle Danger to Knife River and inland to much of Silver Creek Township and part of Clover Valley.). It will be an all or mostly-volunteer station to serve our area's needs.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts about what you would like from a local, community (non-commercial) radio station. (Paper versions of this survey are available at the public library, from or by calling 834-2247.)

1. What kind of programming would most interest you? Check as many as desired.

2. what type of music would you like to listen to?

3. What type of programming would you like to be involved in? Again, use your imagination!

4. What time of day would you be most likely to listen? (The station might not broadcast all day, at least at first)