I would like to ask for your help with an academic research study I’m conducting. I'm a researcher and assistant professor of journalism at Iowa State University. Political participation is essential to a healthy democracy, and this study explores the potential of Twitter to revitalize political engagement.

The button below will take you to a survey with a few short questions about Twitter. All data are and will remain confidential, and there are no foreseeable risks for participating in this study.

I am very grateful for your time. If you like the survey, please forward the link to your friends/followers and ask them to take it as well. The more opinions, the better.

For further information, please contact me at (515) 294-0497 or by e-mail at rcozma@iastate.edu.

Thank you,
Raluca Cozma, Ph.D.

If you have 5 minutes and would like to help, click the box below to start the survey.