Welcome to Our Spiritual Formation Survey

Thank you for taking the time (5-7 minutes) to complete our church's spiritual formation survey.  What you are about to complete was designed by your pastors and elders specifically for our church as a tool in helping us understand how we might grow deeper in the Lord.

First and foremost, please know this survey is completely anonymous on your part.  At no point are you asked to supply your name, email address or any other identifying data.  To that end, we encourage you to answer honestly as the survey won't benefit you (or us) if responses are what people want to believe about themselves as opposed to what is geniune.

Second, this survey is not considered to be "divinely inspired" or as an exhaustive, infallible measure of all the ways God might grow an individual. Instead, it is simply a tool we devised around major areas and factors that influence every-day spiritual life in an effort for us to gain a "congregation-level" understanding of our spiritual development and for you to see specifically where you might want to focus on your own walk.

From time to time we may allude to the trends we notice in the response collection in our of sermons, teachings or other venues as a means of communicating where we might want to focus our development as a congregation.  Again, at no point are you at risk of having your individual responses viewed by someone else... we are leaving that between you and the Lord.

Your Pastoral & Elder Team