After School Club Viability Study

Energy Kidz is a leading provider of wrap around childcare in Primary Schools, offering safe, affordable, reliable childcare, before and after school and during the holidays. We are working with your school to assess the viability of an After School Club run by Energy Kidz at your school, and would appreciate your views.

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Energy Kidz After School Clubs run from school finish until 6pm. Children can still attend extra curricular clubs prior to coming to Energy Kidz and parents can be picked up at any time up to 6pm. The full session rate of £12.85 applies in all circumstances.

Energy Kidz clubs are free choice clubs.  We theme each week which the activities are based around.  Children can choose to take part in the activities on offer or can choose to play freely.  Our clubs are set up with a range of play opportunities prior to the children's arrival, so they can get straight on with playing when they arrive, whether this is playing sport outside, building something with lego, taking part in role play, arts and crafts or more.  A healthy snack is included within the cost and this always includes 2 fruit and 2 veg and has a selection of spreads and fillings for sandwiches, wraps or bagels.

For all our clubs there is an option to book regular sessions (same days each week) or ad hoc sessions (as and when needed subject to availability)

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