Traveling Trunks of Africa, Asia and Latin America
Lending Agreement for K-12 Educators
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Trunks are available to educators in the Michiana area. Restrictions may be placed on teachers who do not notify Kellogg Institute of cancellations one week in advance or who do not return the trunk in good condition. (See regulations below for details.)

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There are no user fees for borrowing the trunks.
Trunk Request Forms should be submitted at least one week in advance.

The borrower agrees to check all items against the inventory list when the trunk is received and to notify the Kellogg Institute if anything is missing.

The borrower agrees to check all items against the inventory list again prior to returning the trunk, and agrees to replace or pay for any lost or badly damaged materials.

Before returning the trunk, the borrower agrees to pack the items in the packing materials provided, following the recommendations provided in this packet. Failure to due so could result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

All items will be returned on or before the due date specified. Any extension requests must be approved via phone or email.

Teachers who do not notify Kellogg Insitute of any cancellations at least one week before the scheduled pick-up date may be prohibited from borrowing trunks for one semester. Trunk reservations for the current semester may also be canceled. Please notify Kellogg Institute if you will be picking up a trunk at a later date than scheduled.

The borrower agrees to complete an evaluation form for all trunks borrowed. A new trunk will not be released to you until we have an evaluation on your previous trunk.

There is a maximum one-month lending period for trunks. Please choose the shortest borrowing period needed in order to make the trunk available to other educators.

After a 2-day grace period the Institute charges a late fee of $5.00 per day. (Late fees will be used for the acquisition of additional materials.)

Items are not to be used for commercial purposes.

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