About Troup Works

This survey will is part of the Troup County Talent Development, Recruitment, and Retention Strategy being developed through a partnership between: 
  • The LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce
  • The Development Authority of LaGrange
  • The Troup County Development Authority
  • The West Point Development Authority
  • The Troup County Center for Strategic Planning
Entitled Troup Works, this strategy will assess the occupational needs of employers in Troup County, the educational programs at local colleges and universities, and the current county capacity to attract and retain an appropriately skilled workforce. 
When complete, Troup Works will provide Troup County residents, educators, and leadership with specific actions to address immediate workforce needs and build long-term resiliency in the local economy. 
The participation of Troup County residents, workers, and businesses will be critical throughout the four-month planning process.

National strategists at Avalanche Consulting are facilitating the strategy's development. They seek your honest perspective on Troup County's greatest strengths, challenges, and new opportunities. You are encouraged to think boldly and speak candidly.
Please share your insight with Troup Works by completing the survey below. Your personal comments will be kept confidential.

Thank you in advance for contributing to this important initiative. Please encourage your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to participate as well.