Marine renewable energy (MRE), such as wave, tidal, and ocean thermal energy, is under development in many parts of the world. However, studies examining the environmental effects of MRE have primarily focused on deployments in temperate and Northern Hemisphere countries.

OES-Environmental is conducting this survey to collect any existing information relevant to the environmental effects of MRE in tropical and Southern Hemisphere countries. We are specifically looking for information on any ongoing or emerging MRE projects in these regions; any research, monitoring, or modeling efforts that may be relevant; any literature or other resources that may be relevant; and any specific contacts and/or organizations with relevant experience in these areas.

Marine Renewable Energy Stressors and Receptors
The results of the survey will be reviewed and synthesized into the 2024 State of the Science Report on the environmental effects of MRE development around the world, which will serve as an update to the 2020 State of the Science Report. Based on existing research studies and monitoring efforts, the main risks posed to marine animals, habitats, and ecosystem processes by MRE developments include:
Visit the links above to learn more about our current understanding of the environmental effects of MRE development, and for more information, please visit Tethys. Other risks of interest may include attraction, avoidance, and displacement.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, OES-Environmental, or Tethys, please email Thank you for your participation.