Is Your Operating System a Valuable Management Tool?

This questionnaire asks a series of Yes or No questions concerning factors relating to making sure that your operating system (TMS) is being used effectively.  Modern TMS systems can be an invaluable tool for management, but they can also be the source of confusion and data "overload" especially if not aligned with your business processes.  Based on our experience, your ability to use your operating system as an effective management tool is a key factor in predicting your overall business success.  

The correct answer to each question should be YES.  If you would like to discuss any of these factors and how they relate to your business, please feel free to contact Trincon Group at 614-442-0590 for a free, no obligation consultation.

* 1. Is your operating system used in a "live" and "real time" environment?

* 2. Are the standard reports from your operating system accurate and useful?

* 3. Are all loads pre-planned and assigned to trucks more than 24 hours in advance?

* 4. Are loads assigned to the truck through the operating system and communicated with the truck's on-board system?

* 5. Are loads closed-out through the operating system upon delivery using an on-board system?

* 6. Do you have an assigned and qualified Planner on the operating team?

* 7. Do you have Customer Service Reps who are solely responsible for customer relationships and new orders?

* 8. Do your Driver Managers or Dispatchers supervise a specific assigned group of Drivers?

* 9. Does the system accurately prepare and invoice upon completion of each load?

* 10. Is the Operating System the primary source for preparing driver payroll?

* 11. Please provide the following information