* 1. In your opinion, is the community growing, stable or declining overall?

* 2. Please rate the economic development efforts of the community.

* 3. Is it important that the city and county work together on issues that are important to our community?

* 4. How important is tourism as an economic development factor in the community?

* 5. What do you think our community is doing well?

* 6. What do you think our community could do better?

* 7. What do you think is/are the most pressing need(s) for our community?

* 8. What question(s) should this survey have asked that it didn't and what would have been your response(s)?

* 9. What need or expanded retail business(es) would you support to locate in Trigg County and what do you suggest that the government do to entice retail business(es) to come to Trigg County?