Bereaved family members and friends of children who have died are invited to share their tributes experiences by completing the Tributes Survey. All responses are held in confidence and treated with respect.

Starshine Galaxy Foundation NFP
is the nonprofit sponsor of the survey and publisher of Tributes to Lost Children (ISBN 0-9908547-0-1 ©2016) – a book that showcases how 147 families have honored their children who have passed away. The book is based on the initial set of responses to this survey, collected in 2014. Given the depth of the early responses, the Foundation decided to keep the Tributes Survey open indefinitely, with updates to be published from time to time.

The organizer of the Tributes Survey and author of Tributes to Lost Children is Rod Mebane, who is a bereaved father interested in: 1) learning how others have honored the memories of their lost children, and 2) sharing information back to the community of bereaved families as a way to help others navigate through this devastating experience of loss. Feel free to direct any questions and concerns to Rod at

Since the loss of a child is such a deeply personal subject, there is no intention in the survey to pry into areas that you consider private. So, if you would prefer not to answer any question, just skip it, and only provide information that you are willing to share (and authorized to share). There is some information required about you, including your name and email address, to give us an official contact person, but we will honor the privacy preferences that you may indicate toward the end of the questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Tributes Survey.

* What is the first name of the child whose memory you are sustaining?

* If you would also like to share the child's last name, please do so here.

* Is the child a male or female?

* What is your relationship to the child?

* Where was the child's home?

* In what year did the child die?

* How old was the child (in years) at the time of death?

* How did the child die?

* If you would like to add additional information related to the child's cause of death, please do so here.

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