Potential Participant Information

We're accepting applications for our Young Adult Conservation Corps and our Youth and Young Adult Services.

Please indicate in the questions below which program the referred individual is interested in.

To be eligible for our Youth and Young Adult Services program, you must be:
- 16-24 years old
- not currently enrolled in school (ABE or GED is okay)
- from Suburban Hennepin County

To be eligible for the Young Adult Conservation Corps, you must be:
- 18-24 years old
- Able to get to Tree Trust in St. Louis Park or various pick up locations in Hennepin County
- available to work Tuesday-Friday, 8am - 3pm
- able to work in the U.S. and have ID verfication

* 1. Name: 

* 3. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

* 4. Address

* 5. Address #2

* 6. City

* 7. Phone

* 8. Email:

* 9. In school?

* 10. If yes, what school? 

* 11. Highest level of education received:

* 12. Receive or in a household that receives MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program).

* 13. If individual does not have a permanent address, please enter the city of their temporary address.

* 14. What's the best way to contact this person? (mode of communication, time)

* 15. Which program are you interested in? 

* 16. Tree Trust provides assistance and  support in the following Employment, Education, and Life Skills. Please select all services that may be useful to the young  person being referred: