1. Demographic Information

Information about age, gender, income, etc.

This survey is designed to understand the role of socio-psychological and emotional factors that affect our choice of mode, particularly our choice of mode to travel to office or work-place. Responses to this survey will help improve the current modelling techniques which are used to predict ridership demand for a particular mode.

* 1. Address

* 2. Gender

* 3. Do you suffer from any permanent or temporary disability or mobility impairment?

* 4. Education Level

* 5. Profession

* 6. Current accommodation in Delhi/NCR

* 7. Total No. of family members at current accommodation (excluding yourself).

* 8. Average monthly household income - sum total of monthly income of all family members (including yourself) at the current residence.

* 9. Total number of cars at your place of residence in Delhi/NCR

* 10. Total number of motor cycles at your place of residence in Delhi/NCR

* 11. Total number of bicycles at your place of residence in Delhi/NCR

* 12. How often do you travel between your home and work-place? 

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