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Thank you for accessing the Trauma-Informed Care Best Practices and Protocols for Domestic Violence Programs. Please fill out this short evaluation to help us improve our work. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel at rachelr@odvn.org.

* 1. How did you find out about the trauma-informed care protocol and best practices?

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The manual was easy to read and understandable.
The webinar was easy to understand and informative.
I learned new information about trauma.
I learned the way trauma impacts the brain.
I learned ways in which trauma impacts behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.
I learned ways to support trauma survivors.
I intend to incorporate the best practices mentioned in the manual into my work.
I found the service protocols to be useful to my work.
I learned about vicarious trauma and how to stay healthy while working with domestic violence survivors.
I plan on sharing this information with staff or co-workers.
This manual will help me provide better services to survivors.

* 3. What was the most helpful part of the manual?

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