* 1. Which statement best describes your organization/alliance?

(MSC uses the following working definition: "Collective practice is intentional and continuously repeated action undertaken as a group to cultivate new ways of being and thinking in that group and beyond it.")

* 2. If your organization/alliance has a collective practice (consistently or experimenting), please name the practice(s).

* 3. What would be helpful to bring more collective practice into movement building?

  Very helpful Somewhat helpful Not very helpful
More peer exchange/case studies on how other organizations are actually doing it.
Greater access to affordable training and trainers.
Foundations and donors valuing it/funding it as core part of work
Better frameworks, language, models on how organizations/alliance benefit from practice.
Better frameworks, language, models for preventing cultural appropriation.
Better frameworks, language, models regarding relationship between individual practice and organizational practice.
Better frameworks, language, models for how transformation/healing/etc can challenge — not reinforce — existing systems and culture.
More openness and acceptance within and among social justice organizations/alliances.

* 4. Please let us know what organization/alliance you work with!