Help us!

Please help us identify your priorities for enhancing Oregon's transportation system.

* 1. As ODOT begins work on developing the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program for 2021-2024, we would like your opinion on how transportation funds should be spent. Please indicate whether it is very important, somewhat important, or not at all important for ODOT to spend its funding on each item listed. (Check one for each item)

  Very Somewhat Not at all Don't know
Maintaining existing highways/bridges/roads
Improving safety features of roadways
Reducing traffic congestion
Conserve/protect clean air and water
Expanding/improve highways/bridges/roads
Protecting fish and wildlife habitat
Transportation services for elderly or disabled
Enforcing traffic laws
Local public transportation within cities
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Bus service between cities
Adding sidewalks and bike lanes
Amtrak service between cities

* 3. ODOT and the Oregon Transportation Commission value your input. Please give us any additional comments regarding how we should spend transportation funding.

Thank you for taking our survey. Check out more information about the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program at: