The Advocacy Day transportation assistance fund exists to support our partner organizations in engaging low-income and other under-represented people in affordable housing and homelessness advocacy, with attendance at Advocacy Day as a launch point for their engagement.

Please submit your organization's application by Friday, January 6, 2017. For any questions about this form or about Advocacy Day transportation assistance grants, contact Alouise Urness at or (206) 442-9455 x 203.

* 1. Organization applying for grant:

* 2. Contact person:

* 3. Contact person email address and phone number:

* 4. Please explain how the advocates you will bring represent a new or underrepresented constituency or region at Advocacy Day.

* 5. In addition to providing transportation, how will you support these advocates in overcoming barriers to participation?

* 6. Please briefly describe your plan for outreach about this transportation option, and describe how an assistance grant would help you bring new advocates to Advocacy Day.

* 7. If your organization receives a transportation assistance grant, how many more advocates would you be able to transport to Advocacy Day on February 02, 2017?

* 8. Advocacy Day is an important entry point for new advocates. How will you/your organization continue to support engagement in advocacy among your attendees after Advocacy Day?

* 9. Is your organization planning to work with other groups to make the best use of a transportation assistance grant? If so, which organizations, and what would those partnerships look like? If not, would you be willing to do so?

* 10. Amount of funding support you are seeking: $_______. 00

* 11. Please share any other information you think will help us better understand your organization's role in supporting advocates with a transportation assistance grant.

Thank you for applying for assistance to bring advocates to Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day 2017. We'll be in touch if we have any questions, and will notify grantees by January 9, 2017.