For parents of gender-variant children

TRANS BODIES, TRANS SELVES is a guide to transgender life, written by and for transgender and genderqueer people. In the style of the book Our Bodies, Ourselves, anonymous quotes from trans and genderqueer people will be interspersed throughout the text and give voices to hundreds of people.

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The following survey is anonymous. None of the fields are required, so you may leave any question blank or write as much or as little as you like. Please write in full sentences - this makes it easier to use your quotes in the final book.

* Quotes in this book will be followed by a brief description of the person who submitted the quote.
Example: -Susan, Chicago, mother of a 7 year old child with gender variance

What name would you like us to use for you if you are quoted in the book?
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* Where do you live?

* How old is your child?

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* Are you the parent of a gender-variant child or adolescent? Tell us about what that has been like for you, your family and your child.

* How have you and the rest of your family approached your child’s gender variance?

* Have you seen any professionals (psychologists, social workers, physicians) to talk about your child’s gender variance? What has that been like? If you had a good experience, please provide the names and locations of these professionals so that we can share them with others.

* Have you been in contact with your child’s school? How have they handled your child’s gender variance?

* Who have you told that your child is gender variant? How did you tell these people and how did they react?

* Have you introduced your gender-variant child to any adults who are gender-variant? What has the experience of meeting these people been like for your child?

* Please list any resources (books, movies, listserves, support groups, medical professionals) that you have found useful as the parent of a gender-variant child.

* Anything else you want to say before you finish the survey?

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Your answers may be used anonymously by the editor and publishers of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves.